To think without thinking

Personalities these days perplex the mind, and creatives always seem to have the upper hand. I know this because my way of intuition shows I’ve done it all before, and yet continue to make the same neurological pathways in my brain. Memory creates such rare designs through rich thought, and experience. No one can argue, if you only have 1 negative thought all day, you’re probably not using your brain enough.

Looking back on history, many of our great presidents were creatives, such as John F. Kennedy to Abraham Lincoln. Each creative pooled a unique ability for seeing through the muddy landscapes of society. More eloquently put, they re-bonded each invisible broken bridge so new ideas get paved over and everyone can pass without tolls. Gandhi, MLK, and our great musicians met life’s struggles head on by conquering their madness, to reach a new height of natural speech, yet thinking without thinking.

We must also thank our creative population for taking risk were others lay waste.  But that shall not be enough to sway our utopian society these days, as our millennial culture still demands praise were no heavy rock has been lifted. Can we agree that our youth has favorably chosen to take over for us once we rest? Intellect can only go so far, so let our influencers stand out to just how a natural ebon-flows.

Today’s big thinkers abode a new creative confidence.  Now out of mind ensure ones veers the spectrum of autism or savant.  However, you can be assured these creative geniuses are only lacking the social steadfast we require for normality, or they’d be our next president. I guess it boils down to your career objective in life. People don’t pick their careers anymore. Everyone just so happens to find something they like, or do for the money. We need a system in place to test everyone’s aptitude, and find them the work their best at. We don’t know as a society which roles best suite our lifestyle, because we’re always trying to mimic someone else. It’s important we use our creative selves to rearrange the building blocks that made us who we are, and veer a different path for change. One dimensional personalities (or extroverts) will find work, live great lives, and meet societies demands. They won’t however make a mark for being a great big thinker who changed the world. You can leave that up to us creatives.

“It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.”

— Elizabeth Kenny